Thursday, 6 March 2014

Cute overload

Hey animal lovers out there! Here is an ultra cute website that u can get ur daily docis of ;

Spring fashon ideas

Hello Everyone!
Ali here and I'm so excited to be typing out my first blog! So we all want to look and feel fab and confident in our clothes so I'm doing a blog about some Spring trends and outfit ideas! 

So since Spring is here and it's starting to get sunny all we want to do is whip off all our heavy winter sweaters and jump out in our shorts but Spring is a tricky season to dress for as one minute it's sunny the next cold and sometimes snowing! I think Spring is all about layering start off with a light t-shirt and maybe add a cardigan and some three - quarter lengths.

I don't believe clothes have an expiry date as long as I feel confident in what I'm wearing I don't really care if it's " in fashion" but all lot people do and sometimes I do like to see whats " in trend". To find out whats
in trend is simple just look in some magazines ( I recommend " Kiss") or watch YouTube videos or even just an easy trip down to your local shopping center and see what all the shops have in now. Here is some of the latest trends I have been seeing a lot this Spring :

  • " Orange is the new black " is the new phrase this year ( and no it's not the Netflix series). Orange is the color this year it goes with dark skin. .so well like Lupita's dress at the award ceremony looked fab! 
  • Dungarees- After looking in a few shops I noticed denim and dungarees were all in. Not only are they super comfy and cute but they are also perfect for our changing Spring Irish weather because you can layer them so well. 
  • Pearls- In jewelry, pearls are all in not only are that elegant and classy but you can dress them up or wear them casually.
  •   Bronzey- brownish color - especially in make - up this is the colors of eye make- up.
  • Mixing Patterns- mixing floral prints or tribal prints may seem a bit OTT but if you layer them right and color block it will look really cool.

So they are all the latest trends, please comment if you have any more :) 
I hope you liked my first blog if you did please thumbs up this blog and I hope to have another one up by next week. Bye!
Alison xxxxxx

This months top tunes!

Hello fellow bloggers.

Here is some of myne and Laurens fave tunes this month :
NO #1.Happy by Pharell Williams

NO#2. Dark horse by Katy Perry ft. Juicy J         

NO#3.Talk dirty by Jason Derulo ft. 2 Chainz

NO#4.All of me by John Legend

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

About Us

Hey bloggers, readers and my fellow beings. My name is Alison and I run this blog with my best friend Lauren. We are like best friends and enjoy to do nearly all the same activities such as water sports , badminton, Hiking and most of all,... shopping. We are from Dublin and we live in our beautiful apartment overlooking Stephens Green.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Our blog mainly talks about beauty, fashion, food, events ... and well everthing really..! We will have two days a week were Me and Lauren will write. You can tell us apart as we will finish our blog with our names and a few hearts and kisses! 

We hope to achive our ambition to be...well....famous. Nah, like everyone we have
our own dreams and ambitons. Myne to be a fashion editor and Laurens to be a writer ! We hope to have many readers dying to hear our latest blog,

                                                           -Alison  <3 <3 <3