Sunday, 11 May 2014

How to make a quick outfit in three simple ways :

Hi everyone, so im sure we have all been in that distressing situation where you only have five minutes to get ready for an event. This always happens to me for my loca youth club because I am just back from a busy day. But hope is not all lost, you can create fabulous outfits for any weather, event or person ( yepo you heard me right, fabulous) in just three easy steps!  Enjoy :

1. The most popular trend this year was colour blocking and statement jewellery, colour blocking is where you get two bright different colours and you block them together ( May sound a wee strange but it looks great on any person) . Add a big statement necklace and your outfit is complete! This outfit is perfect for Spring or Summer and can be worn dressy or casual, this is also quick and easy with no fuss :-)

2. Start basics, get a pair of plain jeans and work from there using big accessories can jazz up any boring dull outfit.

3. (for example) Wear an expensive dress  then pair it wih cheap jewellery or accessories,  you have an outfit! Or switch it around take a cheap dress and add it with more dear items.

Voila! There you go three outfit ideas that will save you time and money :-)  Hope you enjoyed this blog, prepare for more :-) bye bye jellybeans,
Lauren xxxx

P.S - I sorted out the photo problem enjoy!

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