Monday, 12 May 2014

Make-Up Don'ts!

Hi everyone,
So todays blog is on make-up don'ts, I can't tell you how many times I have seen people with awful make-up on as this is such a common thing, it's not their fault they probably don't know what they are doing wrong so the blog is to show the make-up don'ts! Also I'm not a professional make-up artist or anything and I don't even wear make-up too much but here are just some of the things I have observed looking at people's make-up. Enjoy!

Make-up don't:

 Too much blush! This is such a common thing who thought about the nice natural rosy cheeks? Nowadays I see people looking like oompa loompas with way too much blush, this is a easy problem to sort out try and do the blush two fingers away from your nose and brushing in an upwards position on your cheekbones lightly this will give a more natural and rosy look :)      
                                                        Oompa Loompa's doing their thing!  
Clumpy mascara! Clumpy mascara can make beautiful eyelashes look unattractive and yucky, with one easy tip you can banish it forever! Take a good mascara preferably a speacially designed clump-free mascara and blink down on it with your eyelashes then take a top coat mascara and place it on. The difference is incredible!
 Okay, okay I know these eyelashes look too perfect butt.. these could be your eyelashes if you do                                                                     this tip.
Eye shadow with no eyeliner! This is a really bad mistake which I admit nearly everyone has or will do it at some point in life, the problem is with eye shadow and no eyeliner won't define your eyes and make them look small. Even just a bit of pencil eyeliner will define your eyes and if your're feeling brave go in with liquid eyeliner and a little flick or wing will create this look!

So that's all I could fit in but I know there are many more make-up don'ts so keep tuned for possibly a second one? Hope you enjoyed it 

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